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    The hortDB aims to be the leading platform providing omics data and tools for researchers, as well as breeding data and tools for breeders. We offered a series online bioinformatics tools, hoping to deal with some key issues in the whole industry chain in horticulture. In the near future, we will continue to update this DB as long as we can.
The only comprehensive database focusing on horticultural plants. We collected 142 species up to the end of 2018, covering all five categories, fruits, vegetables, ornamentals, beverages, medicinals.

Horticultural plants VS agricultural crops
    The horticultural crops, fruits, vegetables, ornamentals, beverages, medicinals, share some unique features compared to other agricultural crops, these include three levels of differences.
    at the input / cultivation and management level: grafting, tree/plant pruning, most of horticultural trees have juvenile phase, asexual propagation for most species to retain good traits or useful mutations, requires controlled conditions and equipment.
    at the output / product level: high economic values, almost all horticultural products need postharvest treatment.

Welcome to send us your suggestions or data to hortDB.
(02.05.2021) Version 1.0 of hortDB released!
(01.09.2021) Metabolome data were added into hortDB.
(28.12.2020) BLAST and JBrowse tools were implemented!
(01.12.2020) hortDB: an omics database for hoticultural plants started!

    DB URL: http://eplant.njau.edu.cn/hortdb
    Please don't forget to cite hortDB in your papers (not just in supplemental). Citations (and tweets, mentions in talks etc) really help us get funding to continue developing the database.
    A manuscript entitled "hortDB: a multi-omics database of horticultural plants" has been submitted to the XXX journal for peer review.