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Tomato is an economically important crop with large production figures around the world and its fruit contains many functional metabolites beneficial to human health. Tomato is also important for scientific research as it is a model system for the Solanaceae family, which includes eggplant, potato, pepper, and tobacco. Since one of its most notable features is fruit development, tomato is a useful material for fruit-related research such as ripening, ethylene signaling, and secondary metabolite profiling.

Among the many existing tomato cultivars, the dwarf "MicroTom" has become a popular model system for tomato research. Micro-Tom can be grown under fluorescent light at a high density.

In the future, we hope that the MicroTomBase will become a center hub for the study of the MicroTom tomato and lead the research work of the Solanaceae plants worldwide.

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A reference genome, RNAome of the Micro-Tom tomato.

1.MicroTomBase test version is released in 2022-4-1

2.MicroTomBase stable 1.0 version is released in 2022-6-1

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Our recently established research group wants to become a center of excellence in the field of plants gene prediction and in the field of comparative and evolutionary genomics.

- Chromosome level Micro-Tom tomato genome.

- Comprehensive analyses of gene expression, alternative splicing, RNA editing, indel.