Putative Simple Sequence Repeats (SSRs) in the Tea Plant Genome

The tea plant genome were scanned with the open-source tool Krait to identify putative perfect di-, tri-, tetra-, penta-, and hexanucleotide simple sequence repeats. The minimum sizes for the putative SSRs are: 10 repeats for dinucleotides, 6 repeats for trinucleotides, 5 repeats for tetranucleotides, 4 repeats for pentanucleotides, and 3 repeats for hexanucleotides.

This page allows the display of the putative SSRs filtered by type and/or polymorphic status. If you are interested in finding the locations where a repeated motif is found, the bottom form can be used to conduct a search by motif.
The following SSR search box provides search base sequences,users could input 2 to 6 random combinations of the four bases of ATCG,including TT, AT, CT, TC, AG, GA, GT, TG, GG, AA, CC, AAT, ATG, AAA, CCG, AATT, CCGG, ATCG, AATTC, ATCCG, ACCTA, AATTAA, AATTCC etc.
Please enter the correct target chromosome in Chromosome, such as GWHAMJR00000005, GWHAMJR000000053. Then enter the specific coordinates of the query target chromosome, including the start and end positions, such as 1, 200000. Finally, enter the base sequence to be queried, such as AT, ATT, AGGC.