V1.0 hortDB

(03.24.2019) The version 1.0 of hortDB started! Welcome to send us your suggestions or data to hortDB.

Please contact Dr. Fei Chen (

V0.5 hortDB

(03.23.2019) Version 0.5 of hortDB released!

(01.20.2019) Metabolome data were added into hortDB.

(12.31.2018) Epigenome data were added into hortDB.

(12.01.2018) Transcriptome data and pathway were added into hortDB.

(11.18.2018) The "blue book for genome sequencing advances of horticultural plants" was released!

(09.11.2018) Gene Search tools were implemented!

(08.19.2018) Pathway tools were implemented!

(08.15.2018) JBrowse tools were implemented!

(07.20.2018) BLAST tools were implemented!

(06.20.2018) hortDB: an omics database for hoticultural plants started!