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Here, SOhub collected 48 cultivars for five major groups (Lutes group, Albus group, Aurantiacus group, Asiaticus group, and Colour group) of sweet olive (Osmanthus fragrans). These resources are useful for selecting future cultivars. Users are also welcome to share their cultivars with our readers.

Registration of Novel Cultivars

We encourage users to submit their newly selected cultivar to this international official site, to register it as a novel cultivar. URL:

The sweet olive genome hub (SOHUB) maintains a database of genetic and genomic data, as well as a series of built-in bioinformatics tools. SOHUB harbors data covering the high-quality genome sequence along with various annotations such as CDS, protein, gene families, synteny, transcription factor, gene expression data, phenotypes,ncRNA, molecular markers, publications, and news information about the sweet olive research community. The current SOHUB is V1.0 and will be updated every month with research advances. SOHUB is launched in january 2019.

PacBio reads/Gb 73.4Gb
GC/% 34.3
Genome coverage/% ~100
Total contig length/Mb ~741
Contig number 774
Contig N50/bp 1,595,720
Contig N50 number 145
Longest contig 8,253,028
Contig No. with Length >5kb 765
Total chromosome length/Mb 748
chromosome number 23
BUSCO 96.10%
repeat element size/Mb ~369
Protein-coding gene number 45,542
miRNA number 525