An evergreen shrub that is dioecious and has a spherical crown. The bark is light gray, smooth, and the lenticels are sparse. Leaves leathery, oblong or elliptic, 6-12 cm long, 2.5--5 cm wide; leaf surface flatter, leaf margin re-rolled, entire, apex occasionally sparse, base broadly cuneate; apex obtuse or Short-pointed; lateral veins 8-10 pairs, both sides of the veins are obvious; petiole length 8-10 mm. The color is orange-red, the corolla is slightly buckled; the fragrance is light. Flowering from late September to early October. Autumn flowering, darker colors, orange yellow, orange red to vermilion, rich scent, thick leaves.

The varietes
Xionhhuang Dangui (雄黄丹桂)
Suzhouqiancheng (苏州浅橙)
Zhusha Dangui (朱砂丹桂)
Dahua Dangui (大花丹桂)
Moye Danhui (墨叶丹桂)
Chi Dangui (齿丹桂)
Kuanyehong (宽叶红)
Liuyehong (柳叶红)

Evergreen small trees, the crown is round and spherical; the tree is strong, the branches are tall and straight, very close. The bark is gray, the skin is round or elliptical, the spring shoots are relatively thick, the average length is 15.9 cm; the leaves are dark green, leathery and lustrous; the leaves are oval, the leaves are uneven, the leaves are microwaved, and the reel is obvious; Whole, even apex has serrations; yellow color, aroma, not strong. Flowering in autumn, the flower lemon yellow is light to golden yellow.

The varietes
Huangchuan Jingui (潢川金桂)
Xianningwangui (咸宁晚桂)
Yuanban Jingui (圆瓣金桂)
Yuanye Jingui (圆叶金桂)
Dahua Jingui (大花金桂)
Boye Jingui (波叶金桂)
Liuyesugui (柳叶苏桂)
Jinshigui (金师桂)
Dayehuang (大叶黄)
Wanjingui (晚金桂)
Qiugui (球桂)

The cultivar is shrub-like, with a low tree shape, short branches and a spherical crown. The new leaves are dark red, the old leaves are green or yellowish green; the leaves are elliptic broadly ovoid, entire or sparsely serrated, leaf margins are not obvious; leafy is thin, leafy leaves slightly convex, reticulate More obvious. The petiole is about 1 cm long. The important feature is that the angle between the main vein and the lateral vein of the blade is large and close to the vertical state. The flower buds of Sijigui are often solitary or 2-3 stacked, and bloom in batches from September to March each year. The color of the flower is lighter, from creamy yellow to lemon yellow, and the floral fragrance is less than that of Yingui, Jingui and Dangui.

The varietes
Xiaoyefodingzhu (小叶佛顶珠)
Xiaohua Sijigui (小花四季桂)
Dayefodingzhu (大叶佛顶珠)
Chiye Sijigui (齿叶四季桂)
Tianxiangtaige (天香台阁)
Sanyuejigui (三月桂)
jinmantang (金满堂)
Rixianggui (日香桂)
Yueyuegui (月月桂)
Sijigui (四季桂)

The cultivar has thick branches and leaves, beautiful trees, some flowers are blooming, and the color is gorgeous. The timely promotion and application of these new varieties will play a major role in China's landscaping construction and environmental beautification. Among them, the International Registration Center of Osmanthus genus was established in the previous Osmanthus fragrans classification system, namely, four varieties including Sijing, Yingui, Jingui and Dangui. Its population characteristics are: the branches or leaves of the plant species have distinct color variations, and can be kept throughout the year or above half a year, with stable shape, consistent representation, and high ornamental value. Mainly for the purpose of viewing leaves or stems, usually by cutting or grafting, the rootstocks can be used in the four seasons or silver laurel varieties, in the garden construction can be used as color tree species to form color blocks, landscape trees and so on.

The varietes
Yinbishuanghui (银碧双辉)
Yuntiancaigui (云田彩桂)
Qiannanguifei (虔南桂妃)

Evergreen small tree, the crown is round and spherical, the branches are carried out, the branches and leaves are dense, and the growth is good. The bark is light gray, with many pores and large, shaped like snowflakes, which is very obvious. The average length of the spring shoots is 15.5cm, and the new shoots are brownish red, which is very eye-catching. Leaves green or dark green, thick leathery, shiny; long elliptic or elliptic; leaves broad and thick; leaf surface flat; leaf margin shallow undulate, revolver, entire, even apex sessate; flowering at 9 In the middle of the month, the corolla is obliquely spread, the lobes are oval, the color is yellowish to lemon yellow, and the aroma is rich; the flowers are not strong. Flowering in autumn, the color is pure white, milky white, yellowish white or light yellow.

The varietes
Kuanyezi Yingui (宽叶籽银桂)
Qingshan Yingui (青山银桂)
Chunbai Yingui (纯白银桂)
Dahuang Yingui (大黄银桂)
Yingye Yingui (硬叶银桂)
Duoya Yingui (多芽银桂)
Yinzhanbizhu (银盏碧珠)
Liuye Yingui (柳叶银桂)
Changgengbai (长梗白)
Luzhouhuang (庐州黄)
Jiulonggui (九龙桂)
Sanyingui (山银桂)
ZaoYingui (早银桂)
WanYingui (晚银桂)
Ziyingui (籽银桂)
Baijie (白洁)